The Difference Between Neutral Block And Ground Bar.

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Because in the consciousness of many friends, whether it is the zero line or the ground line, they are connected to neutral block and ground bar. Then the neutral block and ground bars are ultimately grounded. Why can't they be connected together and separated in the family?

In fact, the neutral line and ground wire are indeed grounded, but the purpose of their grounding is completely different. The neutral line grounding is conducted at the neutral point of the transformer, so that the neutral line can be turned into a neutral line. For example, in the single-phase circuit in our family, the neutral point is connected with the grounding device, and a relative reference potential of the earth is obtained, which is the neutral potential; the neutral line is generally also known as the working zero line. The ground wire refers to the pure ground wire, in the distribution box, it is mainly to prevent leakage and play a protective role, it is also called protection neutral line.

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