Wiring Mode Of Circuit Breaker

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The wiring mode of circuit breaker includes front plate, back plate, plug-in type and drawer type. If the user has no special requirements, they are supplied according to the front plate. Front plate wiring is a common wiring mode.

(1) Back board wiring mode: the biggest feature of rear panel wiring is that the circuit breaker can be replaced or repaired without rewiring, and only the front power supply needs to be disconnected. Due to the special structure, the product has been equipped with special mounting plate, mounting screws and connecting screws according to the design requirements when leaving the factory. Special attention should be paid to the contact reliability of large capacity circuit breaker, which will directly affect the normal use of the circuit breaker. Therefore, attention must be paid to the installation and the installation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.

(2) Plug in wiring: on the mounting plate of the complete set of devices, a circuit breaker mounting base is installed first, with 6 plugs on the mounting base and 6 sockets on the connecting plate of the circuit breaker. The surface of the mounting base is provided with a connecting plate or a bolt behind the mounting base, and the power line and load line are connected to the mounting base in advance. When in use, the circuit breaker is directly inserted into the mounting base. If the circuit breaker is broken, just pull out the broken one and replace it with a good one. Its replacement time is shorter than that before and after the board, and it is convenient. Because it needs a certain amount of manpower. Therefore, the shell current limit of plug-in products in China is 400A at most. Thus, the maintenance and replacement time is saved. When installing plug-in circuit breaker, check whether the plug of the circuit breaker is pressed tightly, and fasten the circuit breaker safely to reduce the contact resistance and improve the reliability.

(3) Drawer type wiring: the in and out drawer of circuit breaker is rotated clockwise or anticlockwise by the rocker. The plug-in structure is adopted in the main circuit and the secondary circuit, which omits the necessary isolators for the fixed type, so that one machine can be used for two purposes, which improves the economic efficiency of use, and brings great convenience for operation and maintenance, and increases safety and reliability. In particular, the main circuit knife contact seat of drawer seat can be used with NT type fuse circuit breaker knife contact seat, so that it can be directly inserted into the fuse for power supply in case of emergency.

What should be reminded here is that the screws must be tightened when wiring before and after the board, so as not to burn the circuit breaker.

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