Factors Affecting Surface Electroplating Of Terminal Blocks

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There are two different ways to electroplate the surface of continuous terminal blocks. Firstly, when designing the terminal, electroplating should be carried out first, then stamping and forming should be completed; secondly, after stamping and forming, the terminal should be electroplated, without any insertion of surface layer and breaking of surface layer. The way of not breaking is the biggest difference between the two different forms, and also the biggest difference between precious and non precious metals in electroplating. Because the precious metal itself is inert, it will not have any film. For this kind of surface treatment agent, the metal contact is automatic, and we need to consider is to ensure the noble requirements, but from the external factors, such as daily pollution, and the bottom of the diffusion, etc., will directly affect the corrosion performance of the terminal.

In view of the current development situation, in the entire electronic equipment industry, the use of terminals for connection has become a development trend, and in the power supply and electrical appliances industry, terminal devices in their own applications are also increasing, and also to ensure the maximum load capacity. With the continuous improvement of the power volume of electronic and electrical appliances, the function of the equipment is becoming more and more important, and in the case of ensuring the product's own characteristics, it also highlights its other performance characteristics.

Next Application Of Terminal Block
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