The First Condition For Long Standing In The International Terminal Block Market

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The most directly connected product of terminal block is connector. At present, the connector industry in the world is developing rapidly. China is the place with the most potential for connector development, so it directly drives the development potential of China's terminal block.

As a result of the joint effect of the domestic and foreign terminal markets, China's terminal industry is booming and gradually attracting the investment of the world's terminal manufacturers. At present, in the terminal industry, Lianjie Electric is the leader in the terminal industry, and is facing the market with barrier terminal, rail terminal, spring type terminal, etc.

The task of maintaining the sustainable development of the terminal industry is still very arduous. In order to break through the traditional framework of the enterprise, to run a real terminal enterprise, it is necessary to stress efficiency, cost and management, handle affairs according to the development law of the terminal industry, break through the shackles of the traditional framework of the terminal, and carry out radical reform on the enterprise system and mechanism, management and control mode, and organizational structure. According to the requirements of "accurate positioning, clear functions, strong management and control, lean and efficient", break through the traditional marketing mode of the terminal industry.

Terminal enterprises should not only strengthen themselves through structural adjustment, but also play a leading role in the industry. They should optimize the industrial structure of terminal blocks, realize "de capacity", promote the upgrading of terminal industry with scientific and technological innovation, develop low-carbon economy by energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, promote the coordinated development of economy and society, and "go out" Participate in global resource allocation and make due contributions.

The structural adjustment of the terminal industry is the primary condition for the major terminal enterprises to stand in the international terminal market for a long time. How to successfully carry out the structural adjustment of the terminal enterprises has become an international topic discussed by the domestic major terminal manufacturers. With the global economy back on track, a good foreign demand environment will promote the development of the domestic electronic component industry.

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