Why use a regulator/stabilizer?

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    With the rapid development of society, electrical equipment is increasing day by day. More and more civil and commercial applications are required.

    However, at present, the aging and lagging development of power transmission and distribution facilities in China, as well as the poor design of lines and insufficient power supply, cause the low voltage of the end users, while the high voltage of the end users often occurs. The high-tech and precise equipment with strict voltage requirements for power equipment, especially for the high-tech and precision equipment, is unique as a time bomb. So we need regulators to protect our electricity and our electrical equipment.

    Unstable voltage can cause fatal damage or misoperation of equipment, affect production, cause delays in delivery, quality instability and other losses.

    At the same time, it accelerates the aging of the equipment, affects the service life and even burns down the accessories, which makes the owners face the trouble of need to repair or renew the equipment in a short period of time, wastes resources; serious accidents even occur, resulting in inestimable losses.

    To sum up all the risk factors, we need to use voltage regulators, and high quality, meet the requirements of a variety of functions of voltage regulators.

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