How to choose a suitable regulator?

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    1. Please determine the range and frequency of 220V voltage jump in your home, and then buy a regulator. For example, if your home voltage is pulled to about 80V, and your voltage stabilizer input range is 140 V-230V, it will not play the role you want. Therefore, the voltage regulator should be selected according to the power supply range of the use environment. It is recommended to choose a broadband regulator.

    2. Rated power. Make sure the total power of the device you need to regulate. When choosing a regulator, the rated power of your regulator should be higher than 30% of the total power of all devices. You know, the heat generated by full load will increase the loss of components, if overloaded operation, the required current is too large, the voltage will inevitably be pulled down.

    3. Automatic voltage regulation function and accuracy. When purchasing the regulator, try to choose the automatic voltage regulation function, although the price may be slightly higher. But it's more cost-effective than burning down your machine. Old-fashioned regulators use the principle of relay switching when the voltage changes. At the moment of switching, the current will have a slight floating impact. Therefore, the higher the accuracy, the smaller the current shock.

    4. When purchasing a voltage regulator, it is recommended that you choose a voltage regulator three times larger than the actual power, because the voltage regulator should overcome the surge impact of the city electricity and the start impact of the sensible load (such as refrigerator, air conditioning, motor and motor). When purchasing a voltage regulator, the rated output voltage regulator should be selected. There is a larger margin than the switching automatic voltage regulator. Check the appearance quality and processing technology, buttons, switches and other operations should be flexible and reliable, spare parts should not be loosened and shake the machine parts, there should be no rolling sound of objects in the machine, otherwise there are foreign bodies in the machine.

    5. Rational selection of rated output of automatic voltage regulator, total capacity = total power of household appliances *3. The shape structure of automatic voltage regulator includes desktop, hanging wall, desk wall dual-purpose and landing type. Different styles should be selected according to the location, main use and installation capacity.

    Power Consumption of Regulator

    The power consumption of the regulator is no-load loss + coil loss.

    Normal quality regulator no-load loss 10w-20w. High quality only a few watts, poor quality is not good to say, some up to more than 100 watts!

    The no-load loss of 1000-watt regulator is between 20-50W, and the efficiency is generally 95%. That is to say, the no-load loss is 20-50W, and the full-load loss is about 70-100W. The loss of poor quality may be greater.

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