Where Is The Protection Line Of The Distribution Box Discharged?

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The manufacturer of distribution box puts forward some matters that must be paid attention to when removing the protective wire: the protective wire of distribution box (board) is not in place, and the wire diameter is not in conformity.

Consequence: the protective wire of the distribution box (board) is not arranged from the terminal, but connected in series with the box frame, the wire diameter is not set according to the requirements, and the devices with super safe voltage on the door of the distribution box are not set with protective ground wire, which is easy to cause safety accidents.

Measures: according to the specifications, the distribution box (board) shall be equipped with a protective earth wire busbar, which shall be connected on the busbar.

The cross-sectional area of the protective earth wire shall not be less than the cross-sectional area of the largest lead from the power supply to the electrical appliance; moreover, it shall be selected according to the relevant regulations. The distribution box (board) shall be grounded firmly and well, and must be equipped with a locking device.

For the openable door with more than 50V electrical equipment, the movable panel shall be reliably connected with a well grounded metal frame with bare copper flexible wire. The sectional area of bare copper flexible wire shall also be selected according to the regulations. The metal box and box body with wall thickness less than 2.5mm shall not be used as the span of pipeline.

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