Embedded Installation Of Distribution Box

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Due to the long time interval between the embedding of the box and the installation and wiring of the box panel, the box shall be disassembled with the box cover (door) and the panel first, and marked for storage, so as to prevent the electrical components and the box cover (door) from damage or paint peeling off. They shall be stored according to the installation position and sequence respectively, and shall be numbered and seated when being installed.

In the civil construction, when the installation height of distribution box or distribution board is reached (the height from the bottom edge of the box to the ground should be 1.5m, and the height from the bottom edge of the distribution box installation board to the ground should not be less than 1.8m), the box shall be buried in the wall. The box body shall be placed flat and vertical (the deviation shall be no more than 3mm), and there shall be no gap around. The edge of the panel shall be close to the wall, and shall not be indented into the plastering layer or protruded from the plastering layer. The outer wall of the distribution box shall be coated with anti-corrosion paint for the parts in contact with the wall and structures.

When the width of the distribution box is more than 500mm, it is required to install concrete lintels on the top of the box during civil construction; when the box width is 300mm or more, reinforced brick lintels shall be set on the top to make the box itself free from pressure. The surrounding of the box shall be filled with cement mortar.

When installing the distribution box on the wall with a thickness of 240mm, the back of the box shall be recessed into the wall for not less than 20mm, the back wall shall be nailed with a asbestos board with a thickness of 10 mm or a steel wire with a mesh of 10 mm × 10 mm (diameter of 2 mm), and then plastered with 1:2 cement mortar to prevent the wall from cracking.

According to the installation size of wall mounted (surface mounted) terminal combination electrical appliances, first drill bolt holes or embedded wood bricks, then open the upper cover of the electrical box, knock through the knock-out holes on the box according to the actual needs, and fix it without embedding the box. For built-in terminal combined electrical appliances, when the embedded box is not needed, preset holes shall be reserved on the wall according to the size of the external dimension, and the installation method is the same as that of wall hanging type; When the embedded box is used, the box shall be directly built in the wall, and the knock-out holes on the box shall be knocked through according to the actual needs. It is required that the box shall be level with the painting layer and shall not be skewed, and then the box shall be fixed. When the box is used, this article shall be supported in the box at the initial installation stage to prevent the box from being damaged by the heavy pressure of the wall brick load and the installation of the terminal electrical box. After the embedded box is adopted, the product can be kept clean and beautiful, and the switch elements are not scattered.

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