What is the collector in the meter box?

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The collector in the meter box is called intelligent meter data collector.


The current electronic intelligent electricity meters have the data output function, and the output data mainly includes the electricity consumption in peak and valley periods, and the information on electricity theft prevention. The collector is a device in the network of the meter reading system. In addition to the functions of metering and cost control, it also has the function of electricity theft prevention monitoring, which can communicate upward and be connected to the electricity consumption information acquisition system.


The function of the smart meter data collector is to collect the useful data in the meter to the collector and upload it to the uplink device, and then send it to the management center of the charging department for summary management. The system can upload all kinds of power consumption data before the current day of the meter, without manual meter reading. The collector communicates with the upper layer through the system in the form of carrier wave and micro power wireless, centralizes the data of multiple meters, layer by layer, and transfers them to the power consumption information acquisition system of the power company for centralized management, billing, etc., to achieve the purpose of automatic collection and management of power consumption information.

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