What Do You Know About The Factors That Affect The Quality Of Terminal Blocks?

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What factors affect the quality of terminal blocks? In the development of connector industry for nearly 100 years, product quality has always been a core topic. With the progress of technology, the quality of terminal blocks is also constantly improved and developed. When we select terminals, what aspects should we pay attention to the quality of products and which factors affect the quality of terminals? We will explain in detail the following knowledge: the quality of the terminal directly depends on its design, material selection and technology.

(1) For the design of terminal blocks, product standards should be considered. In the summary, some domestic standards and international standards should be considered. The reference of domestic standards is GB / T 5095-1997 and GB 10048. International standards can refer to IEC, UL, CSA, VDE, etc

(2) The selection of materials, materials directly affect the performance of terminals, so it is very important to select materials. Take PA66 as an example, which is the most used plastic material by terminal manufacturers. The material is nylon (PA66), flame retardant grade V0, and does not contain any harmful halogen. It has excellent flame retardant performance, safety and environmental protection. Other commonly used materials are thermoplastic polyester (PBT); According to UL regulations, no more than 25% of the recycled material can be used together with 75% of the new material after full mixing. Especially for some products that can withstand high current and high voltage, the use of recycled material should be lower or not. In terms of hardware materials, it is mainly used for the parts that have conduction current and must be flexible, such as the pressing sheet of terminal blocks, The quality of the material directly affects the electrical performance and connection performance of the terminal. Because the conductivity of the material directly affects the temperature rise and contact resistance, the elasticity is related to the chemical elements, elastic modulus, hardness and tensile strength of the material. The higher the conductivity of the material is, the smaller the contact resistance is, the lower the temperature rise is. The plug-in force has a quadratic relationship with the contact resistance. In terms of electroplating, electroplated coatings also directly affect the life of connectors. As far as gold plating and silver plating are concerned, the conductivity of silver is higher than that of gold, but its chemical stability is not as good as that of gold plating. However, the cost of gold plating is high. It is recommended to use gold plating only for products with acid environment or worse application environment, The contact part adopts local gold plating, which not only ensures the use performance is improved, but also greatly reduces the product cost.

(3) Processing technology, including stamping, injection molding, packaging and other processes, each processing technology has an impact on the quality of terminal blocks, mold design and manufacturing quality has an important impact on the quality of terminal blocks, the processing technology is not only to understand, but also more important to accumulate practical operation experience, summarize in time, step by step. Therefore, in the aspect of R & D, it is the key to improve the quality of product project engineers and increase the responsibility management system of project engineers. So as to ensure that the quality of the terminal is constantly improved.

The above factors affect the quality of terminal blocks, so we need to look more, pay more attention and think more when choosing, so as to avoid buying undesirable products, affecting the progress of the project and causing unnecessary losses.

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