Research On Rubber Material Of High Current Terminal Manufacturer

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Rubber can be used to make connectors, tires, erasers, seals, high current terminal blocks, sole, hose and wiring block for watering in the garden, etc. no one knows the exact number of items made of this extremely versatile material. If someone tries to record all the rubber items in their daily life, they will soon give up because they are exhausted. In fact, it's easier to list items that don't contain rubber. After all, this kind of elastic material can be found almost anywhere, as long as they need to transfer energy, transport or hold liquids. Rubber is still a very important strategic material, which is why before the development of synthetic rubber, the origin of natural rubber has always been the target of the world powers. The word "rubber" comes from rubber balls made from rubber tree sap (latex). Because rubber trees grow naturally, they are called natural rubber. As we all know, natural rubber is restricted by climate, region, planting area, tapping cycle and other factors, and the yield and increase speed of natural rubber are often difficult to meet the needs of society. In view of the application demand, chemists from all over the world began to analyze the composition of natural rubber, and then developed the polymer with rubber elasticity by using diene. Chuangqi Electric Appliance Research Institute will introduce the definition and classification of rubber. The wood language of "rubber" has been used in books, magazines and industries for hundreds of years, and many related terms have been derived, such as: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, synthetic natural rubber, rubber like body or rubber like materials, raw rubber (or raw rubber) (raw rubber) Rubber products, elastomer and thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, etc. For a long time, these terms are often confused in the use of high current terminals, electrical connectors and connector industries. For example, rubber sometimes refers to raw rubber such as natural rubber or synthetic rubber (rubber like), sometimes it also refers to vulcanized rubber, mature rubber or rubber, in many cases, it refers to in general; as raw rubber and vulcanizate are commonly known as rubber, the synthetic rubber factory producing rubber and the rubber processing plant producing rubber products (processing raw rubber into vulcanizate) are both called "rubber factory". Since the word "rubber" has been used for a long time, people immediately realize that rubber is an elastic material, and then they associate rubber with its characteristics (elasticity). Later, ASTM d833 recommended the use of elastomer to cover the meanings of rubber, raw rubber, cooked rubber for AC terminals and vulcanized rubber for high current terminals. In this way, elastomer has almost become synonymous with rubber, which leads to the coexistence and confusion in literature, books and practice. With the development of science and technology, the standardization of modern nomenclature principles and the series attribute, the coexistence and mixed use of rubber are gradually clarified, and the concept of rubber name and rubber elasticity is becoming more and more reasonable.

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