Application Range Of Terminal Blocks

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With the more and more use of terminal blocks, it is more and more widely used, such as circuit cabinet, control cabinet, which is the most common and the highest utilization rate. New energy is an industry that has attracted much attention in recent years. It is a great honor that our terminal blocks are also used in new energy equipment. speaking of new energy, we must be able to think of solar power generation and wind power generation two distinctive equipment. In addition to the good application of track terminal and plug-in terminal in their main control system, such as the single-chip panel of solar power generation equipment has the use of terminal blocks. The solar terminal double headed outgoing line and key wiring developed by Supo are incomparable with other terminal sub categories in terms of professionalism. in addition, in the engine of wind power generation equipment, Supo micro spring terminal is popular with engine manufacturers for its small space and large density wiring function. there are too many application industries of terminal blocks. 80% of electrical equipment needs to use this small thing. In the future, more industries and products should be applied to terminal blocks. Therefore, we should encourage terminal manufacturers together.

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