What Common Accessories Do Distribution Box Manufacturers Usually Have?

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Distribution box is also an indispensable device in our modern life. It's easy to install, and it's the best partner for home use. The configuration of distribution box manufacturers is in line with national standards. Now it is widely used at home and abroad.

Which common accessories of the distribution box generally have a general air switch, which is the power switch of the electrical control cabinet of the whole distribution box. It is a switch that every electrical control cabinet must have; relay: PLC can directly transmit the command to the control circuit, but there is also the possibility of sending the relay first, and the relay is sending the control circuit; terminal block: this must be a switch that every electrical control cabinet cannot be small, and can be configured according to the number of signals; switching power supply, general PLC must have one A 24VDC power supply, of course, this is not absolute. This power supply can also be selectively installed to see if it is needed.

Next Manufacturer Of Distribution Box Shall Guide How To Install The Opening Of Distribution Box Shell
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