Manufacturer Of Distribution Box Shall Guide How To Install The Opening Of Distribution Box Shell

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The manufacturer of the distribution box assembles the switchgear, measuring instrument, protection auxiliary equipment and power supply in the closed or semi closed metal cabinet or on the screen according to the standard side of the electrical wiring to form the whole low-voltage distribution device. In normal operation, the circuit can be turned on or off by means of automatic switch or manual switch.

The incoming pipe of the distribution box shall be of proper length, orderly arrangement and even spacing. If the pipe is not suitable, it shall be adjusted before opening. According to the spacing and arrangement of the wire pipes, knock down the knock-out holes of the box body, and the knock-out holes of the wireless pipe connection shall not be knocked down. If the knock-out hole is not enough or appropriate, use a hole opener to open the hole 2cm away from the knock-out hole. The hole shall be uniform, accurate, and the hole diameter shall be appropriate and in the same straight line. No long hole shall be opened. It is strictly prohibited to use electric and gas welding to open the hole. Use electric drill to drill holes at fixed points. The hole diameter shall be just enough to embed the expansion part of expansion bolt into the wall, and the holes shall be straight without skew. The fixing holes of the box body are aligned with the holes of the wall body. First fix the box body slightly, and then screw down the bolts one by one after the box shell is adjusted to be straight with a horizontal ruler for the last time.

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