How To Measure The Moisture Content Of Insulation Parts Of Distribution Box?

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Many people will feel very surprised when they hear the word measuring the moisture content of the insulating parts of the distribution box. In fact, such a measurement is necessary. We all know that water is a conductor. Too high moisture content in the insulating parts will lead to the deterioration of the insulation performance and lead to serious electric shock accidents. Next, the manufacturer of Mingya distribution box will introduce the principle and specific implementation steps of this test.

This method was first used by the British. The difference between this method and other methods of measuring moisture content is that it is based on the principle that moisture will inevitably establish a moisture balance between oil and gas. The specific method is to put a semi permeable pipe into the oil, and the water in the oil enters a closed circuit through the semi permeable membrane of the pipe. Because there is dry air in the pipe, the partial pressure of water vapor in the circuit increases continuously, so as to achieve the effect of phase equilibrium of the partial pressure of water in the oil. Because the interface between the insulator and the oil in the distribution box is very large, it can be considered that the humidity between the two is relatively flat and the test is not affected by the type, operation time and temperature of the oil. Therefore, the drying degree of the insulator can be determined according to the relative humidity of the oil.

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