What Are The Common Fatal Faults Of Terminal Block?

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There are three main fatal faults in the use of terminal blocks. What are the common terminal faults?

1. Poor contact

The metal conductor inside the terminal is the core part of the terminal. It transmits the voltage, current or signal from the outside to the contact corresponding to the corresponding connector. It is very important in the whole circuit. Therefore, the contact must have excellent structure, stable and reliable contact retention force and good conductivity.

Due to the unreasonable structural design of contact parts, wrong material selection, machining dimension deviation, unstable mold, bad storage environment and improper operation, the contact parts and matching parts of contact parts will form poor contact.

2. Poor insulation

The function of the insulator is to keep the contact in the correct position and to insulate the contacts and the shell from each other. Therefore, the insulating parts must have excellent electrical performance, mechanical performance and molding performance. However, due to the existence of metal surplus on the surface or inside of the insulator, surface dust, flux pollution, moisture, insulation material aging and other reasons, it is easy to cause short circuit, leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance and poor insulation phenomenon.

3. Poor fixation

The insulator not only plays the role of insulation, but also provides accurate neutralization protection for the extended contact, and also has the functions of installation, positioning, locking and fixing on the equipment. Poor fixation, light impact on contact reliability, resulting in instant power failure, serious is product disintegration. Due to unreliable design, wrong material selection, improper molding process selection, poor process quality of heat treatment and fusion, and improper assembly, poor fixation will be caused.

In addition, the poor appearance caused by coating peeling, corrosion, bruise, fracture, deformation and other reasons, as well as poor interchangeability caused by positioning and locking fit size, poor consistency of processing quality and other reasons are also common diseases. These faults can be found and eliminated in time in the process of inspection and use.

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