Difference Between Cable Lug And Copper Terminal Block

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The cable lug is one of the terminal blocks. However, there are different specifications and prices for those with openings and peeps; and according to their functions, they are all conductive connections. Copper nose is a wiring accessory designed to save labor and time. There are many copper terminals, which can indicate the specific wiring position and wire number.

What are fuse terminals and test terminals?

Safety terminal block:

About its insulation material, we will also use modified nylon (PA66), in this respect, we will have better electrical and mechanical properties. The screw is made of high strength copper alloy, the conductor is made of electrolytic copper, and the wire frame is made of alloy copper which is resistant to stress crack corrosion. These metal surfaces are also plated with tin or directly nickel plating for protection.

All copper terminal blocks can effectively avoid the battery effect of steel metal parts and copper wires in humid environment. There is a connection hole in the middle of the terminal. In this respect, it means that it can not only be connected in the center, but also connected with the plug-in connector. When it is used in practice, it can also be connected to an electrical product with a 4mm2 conductor voltage of 800V and a current of 41a.

Test terminal:

The sliding metal parts with switch function can bear the maximum working current through the terminal crimping wire frame. When switching, we will loosen the screw with a screw driver. At this time, we need to move the slider. The switch position is clear at a glance. There are test sockets at both ends, and the connection test and measurement can be carried out with corresponding test terminals It can operate without interrupting current. It can be connected to a control circuit with a voltage of 660V and a current of 57A.

In the current form, we should pay attention to the fact that the market price trend of relevant terminal products is an important basis for enterprises to formulate raw material procurement, production and sales plans, which is very important for the production, operation and development planning of terminal enterprises.

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