Lightning protection specification of distribution box

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Distribution box is one of the distribution facilities. In terms of safety, we need to protect it. First, let's talk about the lightning protection design of distribution box transmission line:


For lightning protection of distribution box transmission line, reasonable lightning protection methods shall be adopted through technical and economic comparison according to the voltage level, load nature and system operation mode of distribution box line, combined with the strength of lightning activities, topographic and geomorphic characteristics and high and low soil resistivity in local areas.


If it is a 35KV line, it is not suitable to erect lightning protection lines along the whole line. Generally, 1 ~ 2km lightning protection lines are erected in the incoming section of the substation, and lightning protection lines are erected in sections with strong lightning activity, or metal oxide lightning arresters are installed. If it is on the 110kV line, the lightning protection line shall be erected along the whole line, and double lightning protection lines shall be adopted in mountainous areas; However, in areas where the annual average number of thunderstorm days does not exceed 15 days or where the operation experience proves that the lightning activity is slight, the lightning conductor may not be erected. If it is on the 220kV line, the lightning conductor shall be erected along the whole line, and double lightning conductors shall be used at the same time. For the line erecting lightning protection wire, attention shall be paid to the protection angle of the opposite conductor of the lightning protection wire on the tower, generally 20 ° ~ 30 ° protection angle shall be adopted, and the grounding of the tower shall be done at the same time. These need to be well designed to avoid dangerous accidents caused by lightning.

Next [construction distribution box] is related to the safety of construction personnel
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