The precision circuit also needs the stable use of stainless steel distribution cabinet

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With the development of current technology, data development has become an inevitable trend, and it equipment such as servers and switches in the data center are undergoing rapid changes. In order to meet this changing demand, many improvements have been made in the design of stainless steel distribution cabinet to better provide power support.


Of course, before better understanding the stainless steel distribution cabinet, we must first understand the environment used by the stainless steel distribution cabinet and its load. Knowing the load of the stainless steel distribution cabinet, we can design several more power supply lines according to the design to avoid stopping the power supply operation in case of power failure. Our company also has the supporting design scheme of stainless steel distribution cabinet, mainly for the convenience of installation and meeting the needs of users.

Next The appropriate altitude for the installation of stainless steel distribution cabinet is its protection
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