Precautions for power distribution box design

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In the production of distribution boxes, we need to pay attention to the matters during production, so as to ensure that more users can be provided with better distribution boxes. Take the power distribution box for example. What production details will we pay attention to when it is in production!


When designing it, we first consider the problem of user installation. First, we will customize the size of the power distribution box shell according to the user's use, so this is the first consideration in the design; Secondly, during the design, we should effectively resist the impact of external forces, so as to further reduce the maintenance amount of the power distribution box. Of course, we should pay attention to the ventilation when it is used. Therefore, generally, when we redesign, we will have a ventilation design to prevent too much fog water from entering the box when it is used, Although the fog water can be evaporated with the help of the heating heat of electronic components, it still needs to be ventilated.

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