Suitability and Avoidance of Live Extinguishing in Distribution Box

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(1) When the distribution box is on fire, non-conductive extinguishing agents such as carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder extinguisher, etc. shall be used for on-site fire fighting. It is strictly prohibited to use conductive extinguishing agents, such as spray water and foam extinguishers.


(2) Attention must be paid to the surrounding environment to prevent the body, hands, feet or used fire-fighting equipment from directly contacting the live part or being too close to the live part to cause an electric shock accident. Rubber insulated gloves shall be worn when using electricity to extinguish fire.


(3) When electrical equipment fails during fire fighting, such as disconnection and landing, local step voltage will be generated. Firefighters must wear rubber insulated boots when entering the area to extinguish the fire.


Fire fighting with dry yellow sand.


For oil filled electrical equipment, such as oil immersed transformers, oil circuit breakers and other equipment, when oil burns, dry yellow sand can be used to cover the burning surface, isolate the air and extinguish the flame.


Suitability and contraindication of motor fire extinguishing.


Generators and motors belong to rotating electrical machines. In order to prevent the shaft and bearing of the equipment from deforming, water spray can be used to extinguish the fire, or carbon dioxide, 1211 and dry powder extinguishers can be used to extinguish the fire, but yellow sand cannot be used to extinguish the fire, otherwise the parts will be seriously damaged.


Extinguishment of power distribution equipment.


(1) When the equipment in the high-voltage circuit breaker room is on fire, all buses and conductors must be disconnected from the power supply before foam fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish the fire.


(2) When transformers, oil circuit breakers and oil immersed transformers catch fire, dry powder fire extinguishers shall be used to extinguish the fire. If necessary, dry yellow sand can also be directly thrown into the equipment to cover the burning surface and extinguish the fire.


(3) When the power cable is on fire, it shall be covered with dry sand or dry soil for extinguishing, and it is not allowed to spray with water or foam extinguisher.


  1. In case of fire in power transformation (distribution), the personnel on duty cannot extinguish the fire by themselves. In addition to cutting off the power supply of the fire area and nearby threatened equipment as required, they should also give an alarm quickly and try to contact the fire brigade to extinguish the fire. When the firefighters arrive at the site, they should explain the surrounding environment to the person in charge of fire protection, clearly state the location of live equipment, take safety measures according to the requirements of the person in charge of fire protection, and keep close supervision on the site.
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