Is the meter box a distribution box?

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Distribution box is a general term of a large category, which includes meter box, multi-functional distribution cabinet, distribution box and other products.


The electricity meter box is a box made of plastic/stainless steel/iron sheet and other materials in which the electricity meter is installed for metering. It contains some configurations such as incoming and outgoing switches and wires, mainly used for metering electricity consumption.


The power distribution box/cabinet can contain or not contain electricity meters. It can be divided into multiple boxes according to the functional application, including switch box, control cabinet, power box, charging pile distribution box, pump distribution box, etc. For example, some cabinets that can be automatically switched on and off by programmable control systems are more complex than ordinary distribution boxes and can only be produced after engineers come up with solutions.


The distribution box is used in various places, such as schools, organs, hospitals, factories, workshops, etc. Its main function is to control, supervise, measure and protect electrical equipment.

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