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1. Inspection of installation height and position of ready board

The electric box installation standard stipulates that the electric box and switch box shall be installed correctly and firmly without inversion or skew; The electric box shall be installed vertically; The vertical distance between the bottom and the ground shall be greater than or equal to 1.3m and less than or equal to 1.5m; If there are multiple electric boxes, the distance between electric boxes shall not be less than 30mm. The specification of the electric box can be checked with support and angle ruler.

2. Check the quality of ready board

The electrical box and cover of the used ready board shall be made of insulating material. The electrical box shall be covered with a cover and the wire shall not be exposed. In addition, the switch in the ready board must be firmly installed. During acceptance, shake the switch to the left and right. If it is loose, it shall be replaced.

3. Check whether the marking of ready board is standard

Each shunt switch of the ready board shall be equipped with a separate leakage protection switch. The protection switch must be sensitive and effective. When it is closed and energized, the circuit of the socket needs to be energized. It is also necessary to check whether the wiring of the socket is wrong. Because some sockets may be connected reversely, lack of zero line, lack of ground wire, etc., wrong wiring is likely to cause circuit accidents. The way to check whether the wiring is correct is to use the socket detector to judge whether the socket can be powered on normally by observing the lighting of N, PE and l lights on the electroscope.

5. Check whether the socket has waterproof protection

Kitchen, bathroom and balcony are places where electrical appliances are used more, so sockets are indispensable. But these places are also almost easy to get wet, so you need to press the test button to check.

6. Check whether the wiring is standard

Remove the cover of the power ready board and check whether the wiring in the ready board is standard. It is required that the lines inside shall be in order and shall not be exposed; The incoming line and outgoing line are not allowed to have joints. Seeing the wrapped cloth on the same line proves that there is a problem with the wiring; At the same time, various lines shall be clearly distinguished, and the live line shall be red line; Blue, green and black lines are used for zero line; Yellow, green and blue wires shall be used for ground wire.

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