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Features of outdoor waterproof distribution box:

1 . Aluminum alloy shell is formed by die casting, with plastic sprayed surface and beautiful appearance;

2. Built in C65N, NC100H and S25 □ s high breaking miniature circuit breaker, M611 or GV2 motor protector, 3ve1 air switch CM1 molded case circuit breaker, signal lamp and other components;

3. This product is of composite type. The switch box adopts explosion-proof structure, the bus box and outlet box adopt increased safety structure, and the cavity is equipped with sealing rings, which has good waterproof and dustproof functions;

4. This product has overload and short-circuit protection functions, and leakage protection and other functions can be added according to requirements;

5 module structure, various circuits can be assembled freely according to needs;

6. It can be specially made according to requirements, such as adding surge protector, ammeter, voltmeter, etc;

7. Steel pipe or cable wiring;

8. Wall mounted and floor mounted can be selected

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