Ready board "insist on doing well"

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1、 Purpose of ready board


This series of fire emergency lamps are mainly used for lamps that can automatically send out emergency lighting due to sudden power failure of all kinds of buildings, and mainly provide emergency lighting for the exit section of stairway.


2、 Product features


This series of products are produced with excellent electronic components, which have the characteristics of high brightness, long service life and low energy consumption. The lamp adopts advanced circuit and has various abnormal state protection such as overcharge, over discharge and no-load.


3、 Instructions for use


1. The emergency lamp is not easy to be installed outdoors and in places with humid and corrosive gases.


2. Separate circuit power supply shall be adopted, and the circuit shall not be shared with lighting or other switching appliances, so as to ensure that the emergency lamp can be charged normally.


3. This product is equipped with a working state indicator light. The green shows the main power, the red shows that it is charging, and the Yellow shows that the system in the light is faulty. Check whether the working state of the product is normal regularly.


4. When the emergency time is less than the rated time, please replace the battery.


Method: disconnect the power supply, unplug the connecting wire between the battery and the circuit board, and fasten the new battery in the original position.


5. Replacement of light source: when the bulb is burnt out or blackened, it shall be replaced with a bulb of general specification. Method: loosen the transparent mirror on the lamp cap, twist off the broken bulb, replace it with a new bulb, and then fasten the bulb.


6. Fuse is set in the line, and the AC is 0.5A. The DC is 2A. Please pay attention to the specification and model when it needs to be replaced.


7. The product has been discharged when leaving the factory. When in use, it needs to be charged for 18 hours to reach the rated emergency time.


8. If the product is stored and stopped for a long time, it should be charged and discharged every three months to protect the performance of the battery.

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