Earthing measures for rainproof distribution box

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If you want to operate the rainproof distribution box, you must abide by the safety operation procedures and safety production disciplines, and work with special certificates. The incoming and outgoing lines under the rainproof distribution box shall meet the requirements of "one machine, one gate, one leakage and one box", the door and lock shall be perfect, rainproof and dust-proof measures shall be taken, there shall be no sundries in the box, the channel in front of the box shall be unblocked, the electric box shall be numbered uniformly and danger signs shall be set. The middle and end of the rainproof distribution box must be repeatedly grounded, and it is strictly prohibited to be mixed with the working zero line; At least two parts of the rain proof distribution box generating vibration shall be repeatedly grounded to prevent leakage. During the inspection of the rainproof distribution box, we need to check whether the electrical devices and protective facilities are in good condition. It is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment with defects and repair in operation.

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