How to solve the problem of distribution box installation

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Problems encountered during the installation of distribution box:

  1. Type selection is not in accordance with the drawing requirements or improper.
  2. The iron sheet of the distribution box is too thin and the rigidity is poor, forming severe deformation between the shell and the door surface, and the sealing gap is too large.
  3. In some cases, the type and standard of electrical equipment in the box do not meet the description requirements.
  4. There is no grounding and zero bus, or the standard of grounding and zero bus is too small to meet the application requirements.
  5. Some distribution boxes are not blocked for maintenance, and some maintenance boards are not equipped with insulation or flame-retardant data.

For the above questions, we can choose:

  1. The requirements are strictly in accordance with the drawing and relevant standards. After receiving the goods, the appearance shall be checked in time to see if there is factory certificate, nameplate is correct, accessories are complete, insulation parts are incomplete, cracks and coating is intact. Does the type and standard of the electrical appliances in the box meet the requirements.
  2. Is the thickness of the iron distribution box consistent with the requirements.
  3. There is grounding terminal board in the distribution box, which shall be connected with the box body. The operation zero line terminal board shall be insulated from the box body (the main distribution box is outside). The terminal board shall be made of rectangular bus with the cross section more than twice of the maximum conductor in the box (but the minimum cross section shall not be less than 60mm2 and the thickness shall not be less than 3mm). The data used for the terminal board are copper products.
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