Stainless steel distribution box is not different from fiberglass distribution box

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The differences between stainless steel distribution box and fiberglass distribution box are as follows:

The stainless steel distribution box is made of stainless steel plate by selection, bending and welding. The processing is very sensitive.

The standard of fiberglass distribution box and PC type plastic distribution box is fixed, and they are made according to mold processing.

If the customer's consumption is not large, and the right and wrong conventional distribution box, it is suggested to select metal processing. For the use of non-standard metal distribution box, and the amount is not particularly large. The factory still advocates the selection of stainless steel distribution box. Because compared with iron, it is not easy to rust, and it is beautiful. Processing and production are more sensitive. Although the cost of single production is higher than that of fiberglass distribution box and plastic. However, the cost of their molds for FRP distribution boxes is very high. When the dosage is not very large. In comparison with the whole cost. Still advocate the production of stainless steel distribution box.

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