What factors will affect the sealing of waterproof distribution box

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When we design the dust-proof and waterproof distribution box, the higher the protection level is, the higher the performance requirements of the waterproof distribution box are. Sometimes we specially design some rain proof caps to highlight the protection effect, which can more effectively prevent the infiltration of water or dust, and it is easy to separate the box cover from the box body, so that users can also easily process and print.

The selection of size is the first problem we need to consider when choosing waterproof distribution box, and it is also an important part of the whole purchase process. Secondly, we need to consider the influence of material selection on the function of waterproof distribution box. In terms of materials, we will provide some information and comparison documents on how to select the waterproof distribution box correctly. Sealing ring plays an important role in the protection function of waterproof distribution box.

The sealing ring of distribution box is the best protection, which plays a very important role in the protection of waterproof distribution box. For a long time, the continuity of the degree of protection depends on the characteristics of the sealing ring. Fix the sealing ring in the correct position. EPDM material plays the best protective role in resisting most of the widely used chemicals due to its excellent chemical resistance. However, the chemical corrosion resistance of the sealing ring is also very different according to its material, so it is the most effective way to confirm the effect by direct reaction between the chemical composition and the sealing ring as required.

The performance of waterproof distribution box varies according to the materials of different sealing rings. The materials of sealing rings determine the degree of protection of electrical sealing box. When selecting the sealing ring, we should compare the elasticity of each material component, the impact of contact with many chemicals, and the impact of cold and hot conditions. The most important thing is that the waterproof distribution box and sealing ring can get the best effect when they have common resistance to the same chemical substance.

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