How to prolong the use time of stainless steel distribution box?

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For a product, if there is no careful care, then its service life is to reduce, this need not be questioned. There is a unique way to prolong the service life of the stainless steel distribution box, that is, careful maintenance in the later stage. So how to care for the stainless steel distribution box? It is necessary to clean the stainless steel distribution box every month, make corresponding maintenance records, clean the whole gear, ensure the cleanliness and normal clearance of the gear, check the clearance between the two gears at the drilling device of the processing department and adjust the clearance. Adjust the gap between the rollers to ensure that the pressure meets the technical requirements. Check the pressure of paper feeding and each tension roller to ensure the tension is stable. Fill each fitting with butter. Clean the dust in the main electrical box and check whether the vent is unblocked.

The maintenance work is very important for the stainless steel distribution box. We should take it seriously. Good post maintenance can not only increase its service life, but also save its own cost.

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