Electrical box sheet metal processing

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1、 Scope of application

Suitable for box structure welding.

Two. Materials

Semi finished parts and accessories specified in welding electrodes, drawings and relevant technical data.

3、 Equipment and tools:

(1) AC (DC) arc welding machine, CO2 protection welding.

(2) Electric welding tongs and masks.

(3) Platform, cabinet mould (according to the size of the cabinet structure).

(4) Steel tape, angle ruler.

(5) All kinds of welding clamps, hammers, flat shovels for sand cleaning, etc.

4、 Preparations

(1) After receiving the production order, be familiar with the assigned tasks, fully understand the technical requirements in the drawings and the welding dimensions of each component.

(2) All welding parts shall be collected and stacked according to the drawing number, so that the number and parts can be taken accurately during operation.

(3) All semi-finished products shall be handled with care during transportation to prevent deformation of the workpiece due to collision and extrusion caused by external force.

5、 Process

(1) The operator shall be familiar with the performance and operation and maintenance methods of the equipment, mould, fixture and measuring tool he often uses.

(2) After receiving the task, be familiar with the drawings and process documents. Do not blindly construct until the drawings and relevant technical documents are understood.

(3) Whether the semi-finished parts and components transferred from the process meet the requirements of drawings and other technical documents. If they do not meet the technical requirements, find out the causes and solve them in time. Do not assemble the unqualified parts on the skeleton structure.

(4) Check that all welding jig used shall be qualified.

(5) The left and right side walls of the first piece welding shall be strictly inspected according to the drawings. The size and angle of each part shall be correct or not. In case of wrong welding or serious distortion, it shall be corrected and reshaped in time.

(6) After the completion of the basic framework, the installation beams, plates, supports, door panels, hinges and other parts of the electrical components shall be welded according to the requirements of the drawings. The welding sequence shall be from top to bottom, from front to back, from key parts to general parts.

6、 Quality inspection

Carefully check the appearance and internal welding quality of the box after forming according to the product drawings.

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