Functions of stainless steel distribution box

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1、 Power distribution function

The distribution function of stainless steel distribution box is the main function. Compared with the previous conservative distribution box, it is rich, intelligent and more perfect in technology and stability.

2、 Make up function

The distribution of stainless steel distribution box can automatically compensate the reactive power of the line according to the needs, which can be made up in time.

3、 Communication function

The stainless steel distribution box is equipped with wireless communication module, which is a relatively advanced and humanized technical equipment. It can allow the staff to control the equipment and work at a relatively long distance, and can remotely adjust the working status of various stainless steel distribution boxes.

4、 Metering function

The stainless steel distribution box is equipped with high-tech metering equipment, and the controller is equipped with metering devices, which can monitor and record the working state, indicators and parameters of various electric energy at any time, and record them in time.

5、 Display function

The Chinese interface can display the three main parameters of power grid voltage, current, harmonic voltage, harmonic current, active, reactive, active, reactive, power factor and the operation status of capacitor in real time.

6、 Recording function

The recording function of stainless steel distribution box is relatively perfect at present. It can record the voltage, current, active power, reactive power, active power, power factor and harmonic distortion on line every day every month. Be able to record all operation time and progress, including device up and down points, manual input / removal of capacitance and other events, so as to provide necessary basis for accident analysis. It can record the switching process of reactive compensation capacitor and provide intuitive information for users to understand the effect of reactive compensation in detail.

7、 Maintenance function

It has perfect alarm and action functions such as over-line alarm, over-voltage, under voltage, phase loss, over standard zero sequence current (load imbalance), over standard harmonic, etc. to maintain equipment safety.

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