How to maintain the plastic meter box or ready board daily?

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Any product needs to be maintained before it can be used for a long time. As an electrical product, the plastic meter box or ready board also needs to be maintained. If it is not maintained, it is likely to cause irreparable damage to it. How should the meter box or ready board be maintained? What should we pay attention to? Here meter box or ready board manufacturer explains how to maintain the meter box or ready board and what should be paid attention to?


Precautions for maintenance of meter box or ready board:


1. All electrical switches on the ammeter box or ready board shall operate flexibly and reliably without significant noise, the connection wire and terminal shall be free of looseness, and the steel wire at the connection wire of the moving contact shall be free of fracture.


2. When replacing the fuse, the fusing current should match the current of the circuit.


3. There are different kinds of voltages on the control box. The circuit must be distinguished during maintenance to prevent short circuit accidents.


4. Disconnect the power supply, check whether the frame of the control cabinet is reliably grounded, and make the grounding resistance not greater than 4 Ω.


5. Use a soft brush or a blower to clear the dust on the panel plug-in and all electromagnetic switch parts, and check the status, contact condition, insulation of the coil surface and the reliable action of the mechanical components of the electrical switch contacts in the control box.

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