Precautions for incoming and outgoing lines of the meter box or ready board!

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When it comes to the electric meter box or ready board, it has already been integrated into people's daily life. Although most friends know about the electric meter box or ready board, few of them really know about it. For example, "What details should be paid attention to when installing the incoming and outgoing lines of the electric meter box or ready board?" I believe that quite a few friends do not know about it. Here, the electric meter box or ready board manufacturer will simply explain the installation details of the electric meter box or ready board and the precautions for incoming and outgoing lines:


1. The insulated copper wire of each meter wiring shall not be less than 4mm2, and the RS485 loop wire shall not be less than 0.5mm2.


2. The neutral wire of each electric energy meter in the multi meter metering box shall be installed separately and shall not be shared.


3. Insulated and flame retardant wires shall be used in the metering box, and the color code shall be: yellow, green and red for the phase line; The zero line is black; The PE line is yellow and green.


4. Creepage distance of incoming line unit is greater than 12mm, electrical interval is greater than 10mm, and creepage distance of outgoing line unit is greater than 8mm.


5. The incoming switch room shall be equipped with auxiliary terminals for the collector.


6. The measuring box also adopts trunking wiring. The incoming and outgoing lines are separated independently. The wiring design is reasonable and the process is qualified.


7. Each meter position shall be numbered, and the "property right dividing point" sign shall be set on the incoming line at the outgoing line end of the meter.

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