Brief introduction to the performance of plastic meter box

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1. Good electrical performance of plastic meter box


Fiber reinforced polyester materials used for manufacturing electrical products have the following electrical properties:


Insulation resistance (immersed in water for 24h): 1.0x10 M Ω


Arc resistance: 180s


Tracking resistance index: ≥ 600v


The insulation protection and anti creepage indexes shall comply with relevant DIN/VDE standards. This material not only has excellent electrical insulation, but also can maintain good dielectric properties at high frequencies, free from electromagnetic effects and reflecting electromagnetic waves. These properties are far beyond those of non-metallic materials.


2. Plastic meter box resistant to chemical corrosion


Fiber reinforced polyester materials have good corrosion resistance to acid, dilute alkali, salt, organic solvent, seawater and other corrosion characteristics, while metal materials are not resistant to acid and seawater corrosion.


3. Plastic meter box, lightweight and high strength


The specific strength and specific modulus are one of the indicators to measure the bearing capacity of materials. The specific modulus of fiber reinforced polyester materials is equivalent to that of steel, but its specific strength can reach 4 times that of steel.


4. Good fatigue resistance


The tensile strength of fiber reinforced polyester is slightly better than that of steel. The fatigue limit of steel and most metal materials is 40% - 50% of their tensile strength, while the fatigue limit of fiber reinforced composites is generally higher than this value, with the highest reaching 70% - 80%.


5. Notch sensitivity of plastic meter box


When the component is overloaded and a small amount of fiber breaks, the load is quickly distributed on the undamaged fiber to reach the mechanical balance again. This is not comparable to metal components.


6. Low thermal conductivity and small expansion coefficient


The thermal stress generated when there is a temperature difference is much smaller than that of metal.


7. Excellent UV resistance and aging resistance


Among non-metallic materials, fiber reinforced polyester materials have excellent anti-aging properties. The aging resistance test shows that the maximum aging thickness of the surface is less than 50 years after 20 years, depending on the location of use and the climate zone μ m。 The minimum thickness of most boxes is 5 mm, which is less than 1% of the box thickness, so there is no obvious impact on the mechanical properties of the box. In addition, the company has adopted a special UV resistant surface treatment process to further strengthen its aging resistance.


8. Long service life


The service history of Europe can prove that its service life is at least 20 years; The simulated aging test shows that its service life is more than 20 years, far exceeding traditional materials such as metals. Some companies that use such materials to produce pipes also claim that their pipes have a service life of 50 years.

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