Cautions for Use of SVC High Precision Regulator

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1. Connect the regulator to the distribution board and install a fuse on the user's distribution board that meets the power guarantee rate of the instrument to ensure the safety of electricity use.

2. Connect the power supply of the electrical equipment to the output terminal of the instrument. Pay attention to that the rated input voltage of the electrical equipment should be the same as the output of the regulator. Do not make any mistake.

3. Turn on the power switch of the regulator first, and the working indicator lights on. Observe whether the voltmeter indication is normal. When the output voltage is normal, the voltage regulator can automatically adjust the voltage and provide normal power supply by switching on the power supply switch of the electrical equipment.

4. When the electrical equipment is not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch of the electrical equipment to reduce power consumption and prolong the service life of the regulator.

5. Voltage regulators should not be overloaded. When the market voltage is low, the output capacity will be reduced, so the load of the regulator should be reduced accordingly.

6. When electing electrical appliances with refrigerators, air conditioners, water pumps and other motor-operated equipment, the voltage stabilizer of more than three times the capacity should be selected so as not to cause the starting current of the equipment to exceed the fuse current of the voltage regulator or or the current of the overcurrent protection circuit breaker to cause the fuse of the voltage regulator to fuse or the circuit breaker to trip or the voltage drop too large to work.

7. The conductor connected with the regulator should have sufficient load surface to prevent heating and reduce pressure drop. Voltage regulators with capacity over 2KVA are connected by terminals. Multiple soft copper wires should be selected and the terminal screw should be tightened as far as possible to prevent heating at the connection.

8. Whether single-phase or three-phase regulators, after connecting all input and output lines, the power switch of the load should be turned off first, then the regulator should be turned on, after checking the normal output voltage, then the power switch of the load should be turned on.

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