Requirements Of Terminal Block For Environmental Protection

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Flame retardant engineering plastics should be used for insulating parts, and iron should not be used for conductive materials; plastic insulating materials and conductive parts of terminal blocks are directly related to the quality of terminals, which determine the insulation function and conductive function of terminals respectively. The failure of any terminal will lead to the failure of the whole system engineering. The key point is the processing of terminal thread. If the thread processing is not good and the torque is not up to standard, it will lose the function of connecting wire. Thread refers to the thread of the terminal on the instrument, so as to connect with the field connector. For example, for some two-wire transmitter in the industrial field, the thread specification of the common connection cable fixed joint is used.

Modern terminal design, material selection and processing technology are the three core factors affecting the quality of terminal blocks

Material selection and processing technology are also the prerequisite for terminal manufacturers to win the market.

With the increasing voice of environmental protection, it is necessary to meet the environmental protection requirements of terminal blocks. The design and use of terminal blocks must comply with the relevant standards of safety and environmental protection. Only in line with the standard, can buy at ease, with ease, to avoid the hidden danger of safety accidents. The manufacturers of general terminal blocks implement GB / T 5095-1997 electromechanical components for electronic equipment (Basic test procedures and measurement methods): ul486e, ul1059. At the same time, halogen-free addition of flame retardant, non-toxic conductor insulator and lead-free coating are all positive responses to this requirement.

A good terminal product is like a handicraft, which gives people a pleasant feeling; many terminal companies believe that it plays an important role in product appearance and user affinity. The front-end terminals often have to be easily installed on the front-end of the product because the wiring terminals must be easily installed on the product.

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