FRP meter box can be customized by our company according to customer needs

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In order to meet various requirements of different regions, environments and users, our company has developed various types of products of different specifications and styles from single meter to 12 meter for customers to choose from; All products of our company take into account the needs of customers. The use environment can be indoor or outdoor, and the installation conditions can be pole mounted, wall mounted, or wall embedded. It can be installed with mechanical or electronic meters of various specifications, and can also be installed with user switches and leakage protectors, with electricity prevention function;


As for the installation method of glass fiber reinforced plastic meter box: it can be directly fixed on the wall or pole, and can be used to assemble mechanical or electronic watches of any specification. It can also be used to install leakage switch DZ47 or RCL fuse and isolating switch; The electricity meter and switch are separated separately, the user can control the switch, the line is not exposed, and has the electricity protection function; The product development department of the company will continuously develop a number of non-standard cabinets, boxes, meter case covers, meter tail covers, etc. according to customer requirements

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