Analysis of the reasons for the popularity of stainless steel distribution box

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This should start with the stainless steel material of the distribution box. The stainless steel classification includes 201202301302303304304l, 304n, 309309s, 310316, etc. up to 440. Generally, the most widely used ones are 304 and 316. There are also many 304 stainless steel distribution boxes here

304: universal model; i.e. 18 / 8 stainless steel. Products such as: corrosion resistant containers, tableware, furniture, railings, medical equipment. The standard ingredient is 18% chromium plus 8% nickel. It is a non-magnetic stainless steel which can not change its metallographic structure by heat treatment. GB brand is 0Cr18Ni9.

316: after 304, the second most widely used steel is mainly used in food industry, clock ornaments, pharmaceutical industry and surgical equipment. Molybdenum element is added to obtain a special corrosion-resistant structure. It is also used as "marine steel" because it has better chloride corrosion resistance than 304. SS316 is commonly used in nuclear fuel recovery units. Grade 18 / 10 stainless steel also generally meets this application level.

It is the advantage of stainless steel material that the stainless steel distribution box is also popular!

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