What are the general requirements for power distribution box

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1. Overall dimension of distribution cabinet: height 1800mm, width 700mm, depth 400mm.

2. The color of distribution cabinet is light camel. The inner and outer coating of the cabinet body are electrostatic sprayed with epoxy powder.

3. The distribution cabinet is made of stainless steel plate and angle iron by welding. The thickness of steel plate is 1.5mm and the thickness of door plate is 2.0mm.

4. The instrument door equipped with electrical components is connected with the frame by multi strand flexible wires, and the voltage circuit wires are not less than 1.5m ㎡. The mounting parts in the cabinet are connected with the frame with knurled screws. The metal parts in the cabinet are galvanized.

5. N bus and PE bus are set at the lower part of the cabinet, and the height from the ground shall not be less than 300 mm. The bolts on n bus and PE bus are hexagonal bolts. The cabinet body is equipped with special grounding bolts, and the grounding mark grounding bolts are not less than φ 12.

6. Specification of n bus is tmy-40 * 6, specification of PE bus is tmy-40 * 5, specification of main bus is tmy-60 * 6, and bus surface is tinned. The bus is marked with color phase separation mark.

7. The internal wiring shall be arranged in order, clear and beautiful, bound into bundles and clamped on the mounting frame, and sufficient margin shall be considered for wiring. Wires and nylon ties are flame retardant.

8. All the above CDM1 molded case circuit breakers adopt Delixi Electric products, and the performance parameters of the selected components must meet the use requirements, not lower than the design requirements. All components must be new and authentic.

9. The components used in the power distribution cabinet must meet the safety certification requirements of the China Electrotechnical Product Certification Commission, and the electrical equipment must have a safety certification guarantee (CCC certification) which must meet the relevant provisions of GB14048 standard. And provide certificate of conformity.

10. The distribution cabinet must have an aluminum nameplate in accordance with the national standards (standards implemented, rated voltage, rated current, number of circuits, rated current of branch switch, name of manufacturer, manufacturing date, factory number)

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