A brief understanding of the use of common accessories for distribution boards

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Distribution board is an important part of electrical equipment, common accessories include:

Circuit breaker: It is used to protect the circuit from overcurrent damage, and can automatically disconnect the circuit to prevent damage to electrical equipment or fire accidents.

Fuses: Similar to circuit breakers, but fuses cannot be reused and need to be replaced.

Contactor: used to control the switching and closing of the circuit, which can realize automatic control and remote control.

Voltmeter and ammeter: used to measure the voltage and current value in the circuit to ensure the normal working state of the circuit.

Terminal block: used to connect the wires to the electrical components in the distribution board. It is necessary to ensure reliable fastening and avoid poor or loose contact.

Fuses: Used to protect circuits from overcurrent damage, similar to fuses, but fuses cannot be reused and need to be replaced.

The above is the use of common accessories of the distribution board. These accessories play an important role in the distribution board to ensure the normal operation and safe use of electrical equipment.

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