What are the requirements for installing a ready board with bulkhead light

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The installation requirements of the ready board with bulkhead light are as follows:

Installation location: The ready board with bulkhead light should be installed indoors in a dry, ventilated place that is not easy to be affected by moisture and corrosion, and away from the environment of flammable, explosive and harmful gases. At the same time, the box should be no less than 2 meters from the ground, and no less than 0.3 meters from the wall.

Installation conditions: Before installation, check whether the voltage, current and frequency of the power line are consistent with the rated parameters of the ready board with bulkhead light, so as to avoid equipment failure or safety accidents caused by mismatched parameters.

Installation requirements: When installing the ready board with bulkhead light, it should be operated according to the electrical installation standard to ensure that the connection is firm and the wiring is correct. The wiring inside the box should be neat and beautiful, and there should be no messy phenomenon.

Insulation performance: The box body and wires of the ready board with bulkhead light should have good insulation performance to ensure personal safety and normal operation of equipment. There should be a good grounding device in the box, and the box body and wires should be made of insulating materials.

Sign identification: The ready board with bulkhead light should mark the voltage, current and other parameters on the external obvious position, and set up warning signs to remind users to pay attention to safety.

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