Wiring principle of distribution box

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The wiring must be carried out according to the principle of beautiful appearance:

1. First, three wire heads of each distribution circuit shall be marked with their names and uses with labels;

2. The conductor shall be straightened and straightened without bending;

3. Then group and lay the line in layers, i.e. zero line, live line and ground line are centralized respectively;

4. According to the principle of horizontal and vertical wiring to the zero line row, sub switch and ground line row;

5. Measure the length to the wiring position, cut off the wire and strip off the insulation skin at the wiring position;

6. Finally, insert the conductor part of the conductor into the wiring position and press it tightly, but do not press it to the insulation skin and do not expose the conductor;

7. When wiring, only one wire shall be pressed in one crimping hole, and multiple wires shall not be pressed in one hole.

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