All electrical components and lines in the distribution box shall be in good connection

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All electrical components and lines in the distribution box shall be in good contact and reliably connected; there shall be no serious heating and burning loss. The door of distribution board (box) shall be in good condition; the door lock shall be kept by specially assigned person. The product also uses large screen LCD touch screen to monitor the voltage, current, frequency, useful power, useless power, power, harmonic and other power quality in an all-round way. Users have a clear understanding of the operation status of the power distribution system in the computer room, so as to detect potential safety hazards as soon as possible and avoid risks as soon as possible.

For the sake of safety, we still add the leakage switch to the air conditioner socket. The selection of lighting circuit does not need leakage protection. This topic and whether the air conditioner socket needs leakage protection are controversial in the industry. According to the installation mode, the residential distribution box can be divided into two types: closed hanging type, open mounted type, embedded type and concealed type. The main structure is divided into box shell, panel, mounting bracket, neutral bus bar, grounding bus bar and other components.

Next Selection of fuse for distribution box
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