Which industries and equipment can regulators be used?

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    Voltage regulators can be divided into two categories: single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V regulators. Voltage regulators can be divided into five types, 1. Compensation AC regulators 2. SCR contactless AC regulators 3. Induction AC regulators 4. Electronic purification AC regulators 5. High frequency modulation AC regulators, so the voltage does not need to be used in different environments, different types of regulators have different scope of application, a machine The model may be suitable for a variety of types of applicability environment may also be possible, which mainly considers the cost and voltage stabilization effect to select the regulator.

    Single-phase voltage regulators are generally used in household appliances, school computer rooms, hotels or offices of small and medium-sized enterprises. High-power industrial grade three-phase 380V regulator is generally used in factory equipment, large-scale industrial equipment and so on. Power is generally over 50 KW, regulator field: such as power plant, industrial automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, manufacturing and control equipment, SMT/PCB/AI and other precision equipment, CNC center/CNC and other equipment, automatic testing equipment, product development, electronic testing equipment, plant equipment; electronic communication field: such as light Line communication, CATV system, network management service, intra-enterprise communication network, ADSL, Unix server and workstation, satellite communication equipment, wireless communication, mobile communication base station and other medical CT machines, color Doppler ultrasound, medical monitoring equipment, petrochemical industry, elevator and escalator equipment, gas station, photoelectric industry Industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, highway tunnels, construction sites and other places requiring power supply to stabilize voltage.

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