Specification for the Use of Regulators

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    1. Access to municipal electricity (according to the stipulated wiring standards for left, zero and right fires)

    (1) The diameter of input wire of access equipment must be guaranteed to be more than 25mm2 copper core wire.

    (2) The input and output lines of access equipment must be tightened.

    (3) Input and output lines shall not be reversed.

    (4) Leakage protector can not replace air switch in front of equipment.

    2. Access Load

    Load power can not exceed the high power of regulated power supply: example: 50KVA. General load rate is 50KVA *0.8=40KW

    (1) The line interface of the output line must be tightened, otherwise the line will be heated because of the large current, which will affect the effective power.

    3. Turn on the regulated power supply (it is strictly forbidden to turn on the load first, then turn on the regulated power supply)

    Please make sure that the computer monitor is turned on when it is turned off.

    (2) The input voltage should be measured between 304V and 456V before switching on.

    The output voltmeter of the machine should be 380V.

    4. Don't use too much load.

    5. Please use enough wires.

    6. Please carefully connect the input voltage and the output of the instrument and equipment.

    7. The output voltage of instrument and equipment should be unified with that of regulator.

    8. Please choose the same input voltage switch as the power supply voltage.

    9. If the fuse burns out, please check the load equipment.

    10. To use the same quota of fuses, no non-rated fuses or wires should be used.

    11. Install in a dry and ventilated place.

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