What quality standards should the production of small power distribution units meet?

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The production of small power distribution units should comply with the quality standards and regulations established by relevant countries or regions. Generally speaking, the production of small power distribution units should comply with the safety performance and quality requirements of electrical equipment to ensure the electrical safety of users.

These quality standards may involve the selection and use of materials, manufacturing processes, product design, safety performance testing, etc. For example, the IEC 61439 standard issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) specifies the requirements and test procedures for low-voltage distribution equipment and control equipment. In addition, some countries or regions may have their own standards, such as the European Union's CE certification, the United States' UL certification, etc.

The production of small power distribution units should be carried out in strict accordance with these standards to ensure the safety, reliability and performance stability of the product. In addition, manufacturers should also establish an effective quality management system, including raw material procurement, production process control, product testing and other links to ensure that products meet standard requirements.

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