Under what circumstances will the small power distribution unit catch fire?

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Small power distribution units can cause fires under the following conditions:

Overload use: When the circuit load exceeds the design capacity, wires and connectors may overheat, causing a fire.

Short circuit fault: When a short circuit occurs in a circuit, the current will suddenly increase, causing wires or equipment to burn down, causing a fire.

Aging damage: Wires, sockets, switches and other equipment may age after long-term use, resulting in a decrease in insulation performance and an increased risk of fire.

External factors: External factors such as animal gnawing, humid environment, accidental damage, etc. may cause wire exposure, short circuit, and fire.

Improper use: Improper use such as pulling and connecting wires without permission, using low-quality electrical equipment, pulling and connecting wires indiscriminately, etc. will increase the risk of fire.

Lightning strikes: Lightning strikes may cause short circuits in wires or damage equipment, leading to fires.

To reduce the risk of fire, you should regularly check wires, sockets, switches and other equipment, avoid overloading electrical equipment, pay attention to prevent the impact of external factors on the circuit, and maintain good electricity usage habits and safety awareness.

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