What is the setup inside the split meter ready board?

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The internal setting of the split meter ready board usually includes the following elements:

Main switch: used to cut off the power supply of the whole circuit.

Protective device: such as a fuse or circuit breaker, used to protect an electrical circuit from faults such as overload or short circuit.

Leakage protector: used to detect current leakage, once the leakage is detected, it will cut off the power immediately to prevent electric shock accidents.

Electric energy meter: used to measure electric energy consumption and record the electricity usage.

Circuit branches: split meter ready boards usually have multiple circuit branches, each branch is used to connect different electrical equipment or lighting devices.

Grounding system: The split meter ready board should have a good grounding system to ensure personal safety and prevent electrical failures.

Identification and labeling: In order to facilitate identification and operation, the circuits inside the split meter ready board should be clearly identified and labeled.

Cooling system: In large split meter ready boards, an additional cooling system may be required to ensure the normal operating temperature range of the electrical equipment.

These settings may vary for different power distribution systems and requirements, so appropriate safety standards and codes should be followed during specific installations.

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