What is the difference between a weak electric box and a strong electric box?

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Weak electric box and strong electric box are two different types of electric boxes used for power distribution and control.

Weak current boxes (also known as low-voltage electrical boxes) are mainly used to distribute and control low-voltage signals and data transmission equipment, such as telephone lines, network lines, monitoring systems, etc. The weak current box usually has a lower voltage and a smaller current load, and is mainly used for transmission and control information.

High-voltage electrical boxes (also known as high-voltage electrical boxes) are used to distribute and control high-voltage electrical equipment, such as lamps, electrical sockets, air-conditioning systems, etc. The strong electric box has a higher voltage and a larger current load, and is used to supply and control high-power electrical equipment.

In general, the weak electric box is used for the distribution and control of signal and data transmission equipment, with low voltage and current; while the strong electric box is used for the distribution and control of electric equipment, with high voltage and current. These two electrical boxes differ in function, purpose and safety requirements.

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